Friday 12 June 2015

Following up on the Bali Nine Executions

Following up on the Bali Nine Executions

It has been about 42 days since Indonesia executed eight death row convicts who were convicted on charges of drug peddling. Among the eight death row convicts were two reformed prisoners who showed and shamed the world how to come to terms with unjust sentence that would exterminate them. There was also one mentally ill schizophrenic foreign national who understood neither the import of the sentence nor was he aware of preparations to execute him, even after he accepted with a signature his execution command.

In the meanwhile Pakistan has executed a man the State accused of murdering a woman and her two sons when he was only 15. This according to Amnesty International was a forced confession on the juvenile. The US executed a death row convict and has convicted Djokar Tsarnaev of the Boston Bombing for death penalty. There are no available statistics for executions in China and Iran for the same period. There are no official statistics of executions in IS ruled areas or Syria either.

Let us make no mistake, none condoned or sympathised with the convicted drug peddlers. It was the unjust summary executions that too of reformed convicts and a mental health victim that so offended the world.

Now the world seeks answers from Indonesia.
  •  The world would like to know if drug peddling has decreased in Bali Indonesia, in the days since the execution of the Bali Nine (Eight)?
  •         Have there been any arrests of drug peddlers anywhere in Indonesia? If yes the world would like to know of these developments with as much transparency and publicity that was given to the trophy hunting in the execution of the Bali Nine / Eight.  
  •          Is there any quantifiable seizures of psychotropic substances in the days since the execution of the Bali Eight? Is this more than usual or less than usual?  
  •          How does the seizures compare to those before the Wendepunkt ( the watershed event) of mass executions of 29.04.2015?
  •          Has there been a decrease of drug related violence or mortalities since the execution of the Bali Eight? President Widodo was quoted as saying that more than 1800 people die due to drug related violence in all of Indonesia’s sprawling archipelago put together.
  •          Has Indonesia succeeded in decreasing the drug menace to some extent atleast?  
  •          Has Indonesia been able to identify those in the Enforcement Agencies in Bali’s notorious Kuta district or customs officials in Denpasar International Airport who may have connived with the two Australian “ring leaders”?
  •          Has there been any investigation into allegations that some judges in the case of the Bali Nine asked for bribe in exchange for a lighter sentence? 

Official statements from the office of the President of Indonesia and from the office of the Attorney General will help in Indonesia’s march towards a robust democracy… and also to restore its global goodwill.  By ushering in a watershed in treatment of death row convicts, Indonesia has an opportunity now to show to the world how to discontinue the barbaric punishment of execution.

Human rights activists join in a chorus to appeal to the sovereign Head of State of Indonesia to consider the above points before executing other convicted drug offenders. It thus follows naturally that Indonesia’s sovereignty is respected if the convicted drug peddlers facing execution maybe spared their lives and considered for life terms instead. Because…. None, not even their parents can give them their lives back. Humanity reaffirms the faith of those who reform for the better… except in the tragic case of the two of the convicted Bali Nine maybe…

Malini Shankar  

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